Every client is valuable for us and therefore we are responsible to ensure our services are delivered perfectly.

You can get a signed document to make sure that the cleaning staffs and home maids are obligated to follow the rules of our company as well as your choices.

Maid Services in Dubai
Some of the points are given below
  1. Qualities of home maids such as cheerful attitude and enthusiasm.
  2. Dedication to work, don’t even use mobile phones at works.
  3. Any workers wont waste toiletries or take away house hold items without permission.
  4. Our staffs are always neatly groomed for our works so that you will like their attire at first sight itself.
  5. Any job assigned to Dusty Might’s staffs will be done perfectly. You can discuss with them for any clarification.
  6. Hygiene is very important and for that matter we keep our maids clean, brushed teeth, taking showers twice a day.
  7. Dusty Might strongly instruct its employees to greet their clients with appropriate usages and also respects pretty well.
  8. Any internal matters that happen within any home or office shall be kept confidential and shall not spread any gossip for any reason. Dusty Might’s management has always taken very stringent steps to obey its rules and regulations.
  9. Dusty Might has unique set of dress codes and very interesting policies for personalities and behaviour.
  10. Each one of our members who serve at your home or flat will wear appropriate clothes during work hours. Nobody shall wear shorts or tank tops at your homes. No worries, Gentle man, No excitement.

ethics of Dusty Might Maids

  1. Willingness towards learning anything new whether or not it is about the profession that they are doing or the equipment they are using, everyone who belongs to our company is keen to understand every bit about new trends in cleaning services. After all, it is a good cause that we keep the environment clean!
  2. Being timely: We keep our promises always perfect. You can suspend us if we are not on time at your door.
  3. Responsibility: We will do all your works completely with 100% responsibility.
  4. Humbly ask for repetitions in case any instruction given by supervisor is not caught or clear enough.
  5. Offer any support or assistance during others do something difficult Give respect! Take respect!

Our receptionist or tele callers whoever attend the call from our customers keep on timing of their own. So, in most of the cases the clients are familiar with the voices of each maid Co-ordinator and even without asking location or address or negotiation of service charges the maids are sent to their homes or apartments. Thus, the strong trust built by continuous quality and sincere service to each one of the customer, Dusty Might Maid Services LLC stays on top of the house maid service industry all across the United Arab Emirates.
Dusty Might was formed in 2013 with a great intention of changing the way maid services are going in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our team is trained by very professional supervisors and experienced trainers from other parts of the emirates. Regular training for our staffs who work as house maids and cleaning crews are given to maintain quality standards. As for as our company is concerned only one point is very important that is “No. 1 Service” to all our customers. Whether or not it is cleaning sofa, baby-sitting, party help, ironing and folding. We do not compromise on sincerity and quality towards our service.

Our company is very big so that we can deploy training staffs and can be flexible with our scheduling for each work order.

It’s pretty obvious that the customers who gave works for us are still with us and happily providing more and more references for works such as party help, babysitting, house maid services, villa cleaning etc. Our customers are in other way the greatest advertisers of our firm. We are grateful to all of them for their help from we started our company. Thanks to one and all!